Marketing Ideas | Business Just Got A Whole Lot More Pinteresting

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Marketing Ideas | Business Just Got A Whole Lot More Pinteresting


If you haven’t already, today might be the day you really want to consider setting up yourlive pinning pinterest Pinterest account for business.

And if you already have a personal Pinterest account, you’re just a few simple clicks from magically transforming your personal page into your very own Pinterest business account.

Yes, it’s true! Pinterest announced with the launch of Pinterest for Business that companies are now free to create commercial accounts on Pinterest with a new terms of service released for businesses or the option to simply convert an existing Pinterest account to a business account.

If that sounds like marketing music to your ears, here are more great reasons for businesses to hop on board the Pinterest train. Pinterest is also rolling out some brilliant educational resources like Pinterest case studies and Pinterest best practices allocated to help businesses out. They also released some upgraded documentation on how to use sharing and follow buttons and widgets.

With all these cool new features and functions making this social media sensation very pinteresting indeed, wouldn’t it be wonderful to understand how put all the pieces together and use Pinterest to gain optimal marketing success?

We’ve got you covered with the following tips and tricks:

  1. Build a powerful Pinterest profile. Create a concise and keyword filled description of your company. This description is key because it shows up in search results when someone searches for your page. In addition, you need to choose a company image that’s consistent with what you use in your company’s other social media profiles. The profile section also allows you to link Pinterest with other social media like Facebook and Twitter enabling you to maximise your cross channel efforts.

  2. Generate captivating content. People should be able to tell what your board is about at a glance. Plus, you’ll get more followers and generate more web traffic if you’re funny, creative or unique in some way. So go ahead and include that charming photo of your old office building and old products if you’re feeling nostalgic for example. Or perhaps post eBooks, infographics and videos to really enhance your B2B presence.

  3. Create conference boards. Start a pinboard of tradeshows and other major events your company participates in and include photos of various activities including exhibitions, banners, speakers and anything related to the event to pique users’ interest.

  4. Pin your videos. By using a “Pin It” bookmark on YouTube, you can pin your videos to any of your boards. If your business has a YouTube channel, this is a great way to leverage it.

  5. Host a pin chat. Utilise the social media eco-system by blending Twitter with Pinterest to host an online chat event in which attendees tweet links and pins featuring blogs, sites, pictures and videos. It provides a unique opportunity to augment Twitter chats and build community around a theme or topic related to your business or industry.

  6. Use your Pinterest board to support your blog. Pinterest provides valuable real estate to maintain viewership to your company blog. For every new company announcement or news you are posting on your blog, put a pin on Pinterest where you include the tile of the post, the link to the blog post and a related photo. Most importantly, include a call-to-action button that prompts your readers to take the next step in further engaging with your business.

  7. Craft killer client testimonials and stories. Remember that people love seeing people and especially ones that act as ambassadors to your brand. So pinning pictures of your clients and pasting their testimonial in the pin’s description provides social proof about how awesome your company is. Similarly you can create visually engaging stories through powerful images of your customers engaging with your product or service. Even better, develop an entire board dedicated to customers and if they have a Pinterest account you can link them directly to the pin description.

For more help with integrating Pinterest into your marketing plans then download our free eBook, Winning with Pinterest.






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