Marketing Ideas | Sales need to adapt for inbound marketing leads

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Marketing Ideas | Sales need to adapt for inbound marketing leads


I'm listening to Frank Belzer at the Inbound Marketing Summit 2012 talking about how salessales and inbound marketing align need to adapt to deal more effectively with inbound marketing leads.

He makes some excellent points about the fact that marketing has changed from the previous interuption style outbound marketing, coupled with the traditional aggressive 'bug me to death' sales process, to an Inbound Marketing strategy but still bolted to aggressive sales tactics.

A great example of this can be seen in highly competative industries such as telecoms, where buyers are constantly bombarded with outbound telecalls, direct mail, spam email etc 

Telecoms companies that adopt the more sophisticated approach of inbound marketing, share content that is valuable to their prospective customers.  Helping them answer some of their key concerns and sharing the companies expertise are now attracting quality leads into the business by being different.

What happens next?

The business passes these nutured and quality leads through to a sales team that still focus on traditional sales techniques.  

So your business spends time, effort and expense creating an inbound marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd in your very competative market, which works to attract these leads that are getting frustrated by all the other 'outbound' organisations and then your sales process immediately deploys 'old fashioned' techniques to pester the lead for an appointment and to book that sales call.  It's at this point that they realise your business is exactly the same as all the others and you have wasted all your inbound marketing efforts.

So what needs to change?  According to Frank there are 3 key areas sales needs to change to adapt to the latest marketing trends.

1. Become the trusted advisor and not the order taker, make it about the client.

2. Sales need to understand the prospect process.  Get the sales team involved in the Inbound Marketing strategy and get them contributing.  Blogging, enagaging on social etc

3. Be firm and help buyers answer the key question they have.  What's the best solution and the next steps?  Don't just become a talking brochure.

For more information on how Inbound Marketing Ideas can help your sales process check out our 5 Steps to Sweet Inbound Marketing.

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